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Let Your Creativity Bloom: Kids' Delight in Painting and Decorating Eco-Friendly Ganesha!

Unleash Your Child's Creativity with the Make My Ganesha Paint and Decorate DIY Kit: Eco-Friendly Fun for Kids!

Our specially curated kit includes everything your child needs to engage in a fun and educational activity while celebrating the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Designed for kids above 3 years of age, this kit not only enhances their creativity but also imparts valuable knowledge about our Indian tradition and cultural awareness.

Inside the package, you will find an adorable Eco-Friendly Cute Bal Ganesha Idol, made from environmentally friendly materials that ensure a sustainable celebration. This idol represents the joy and innocence of Lord Ganesha, inspiring kids to connect with our rich cultural heritage.

To bring their artistic vision to life, we have included a set of Tempera Colors in 12 vibrant shades. These non-toxic, child-safe paints provide ample opportunities for kids to explore their imagination and express their creativity on the idol.

Two brushes have been included to assist your child in adding intricate details and fine strokes to their masterpiece. Whether it's highlighting Ganesha's features or adding decorative elements, these brushes ensure a smooth and enjoyable painting experience.

Additionally, we have included White Acrylic Paint, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and highlighting specific areas of the idol. This versatile paint can be used to create intricate patterns or enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the artwork.

To ensure the idol stays securely in place, we provide White Adhesive (Fevicol MR) that offers a strong bond while being safe for children to use. This adhesive allows your child to attach various decorative elements or secure the idol on the included Gold Colored Metal Chowki (stand) and Asan.

For an added touch of sparkle, we have included a packet of self-adhesive stones. Kids can use these stones to embellish the idol and create a dazzling effect that will surely catch everyone's attention.

To guide your child through the process and provide helpful tips, an instruction manual is included. This manual offers step-by-step instructions and creative ideas, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for your child.

With our Paint and Decorate Eco-Friendly Bal Ganesha kit, your child will not only enjoy a creative activity but also develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for our Indian traditions. Let their imagination soar as they paint, decorate, and celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in an eco-friendly and culturally rich manner.

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